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Brief Bnegs
Cindy Cotte Griffiths. I teach Yoga and Chair Yoga trying to help people be well.

My blog is "Trying Not To BNeg"

I'm into media, yoga, kickboxing, running, alternative music, motorcycles & art.

This is a space for brief blogs, thoughts, and quotes along with my photography and painting.

Yoga Online and In Person, LLC"
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Are you indistinguishable from a zombie?

Get out in the sun before noon.

Things weren’t as she wanted them to be. Could a yoga class help?

Baltimore Public Radio Interview of me by Mario Armstrong about local website using Facebook. May 31, 2011

Last night a parent who has known me for 8 years tried to explain to some new friends that I was completely different. He told them our sons were in preschool together and I was fat back then. When he sees me now he’s amazed and claimed that he never believes it is me when he sees me.

I hugged him.

Everyone keeps telling me I must have held the weight well because I never looked 50 lbs. heavier. Or that I’m so fit I have nothing to worry about. Or that I wouldn’t understand having to loose weight.

But he told the truth.

I worked hard for three years to take off the weight and get in a fitness routine. Then for over five years I’ve kept it off and continually try new activities.

When I told him I was going to be a yoga teacher, he exclaimed, “A yoga teacher too! Wow!”

Having someone appreciate how much effort I’ve put in was affirming, even if he called me “fat”.

We were watching a TV show the other night and discovered all the people were from New Jersey. One said “Mind your own business” and reminded me of my Jersey upbringing. As a girl my dad talked to me about minding my own business, unless someone was in danger or being hurt or doing me harm. Really, what other people want to do with their lives is none of my business.

I was walking with my husband and when we came to a crosswalk, I said, “Walk on the sunny side of the street”.

He laughed and commented about having a good attitude.

I responded, “No, for my Vitamin D deficiency! I need the sun!”

Turns out there’s more to this saying than I always thought. It’s good medical advice in addition to reminding you to be positive.

Last night I stumbled around in the dark photographing the full moon and a tree poked me in the eye. Unfortunately, the pain has not ceased. Was it worth it?

Vegan Chocolate Chocolate Chips

People don’t want to buy vegan baked goods. Last month the Long Island Press described how BabyCakes NYC opened a shop in downtown Disney World only…

Never believed it because I’m always focused in but now the world’s all different.